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Michael Krasny: Failure Leads To Success

January 9, 2013 Consumer Products, Enterprise No Comments

When we are at the bottom there seems no where else to go but up. The opportunities in business can come from any point in our career. When we are successful we see more opportunities and openings. For Michael Krasny he saw the opportunity when he was at the bottom.

Krasny’s life basically revolved around the state of Illinois. This is where he grew up and he also graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Krasny then worked at his father’s auto dealership in Arlington Height, Illinois as a Toyota car salesman.

Krasny quit his job as a car salesman in 1981 and took up some classes in computer programming.  He was unsuccessful in finding a steady job and to make ends meet he had no choice but to sell his own computer for cash. Krasny placed a $3 add in the Chicago Tribune and wound up selling his computer for a $200 profit.  This was the light at the end of the tunnel.

Krasny saw the great demand for home computers. At that time most in the world did not see the vast potential of the personal computer but Krasny knew this was something that was going to be big. With proceeds from the sale of his computer he bought and sold several computers through classified ads.

He eventually formed MPK Computers then a year later changed the name to Computer Discount Warehouse (CDW). The business grew and Krasny took the company public in 1993. CDW would become the largest direct electronics retailer in the world in the years to come.

Krasny relinquished control of the company and retired from leadership in 2001. He sold CDW to private equity firm Madison Dearborn Partners in 2007 for $7.3 billion.  Krasny has basically stayed out of the limelight since then. He put up Custom Woodworking Design a woodworking shop making plaques and awards in 2009 and located in Northbrook, Illinois. This enterprise is more of a hobby.

One can be down but not out as has been proven be Krasny.

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