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Edward P. Bass: Businessman and Environmentalist

March 16, 2013 Enterprise No Comments

There are many successful businessmen who also have environmental inclinations. Edward P. Bass from Fort Worth, Texas is one of them.  With part of his great wealth tied to oil it can’t be avoided that some may think he’s simply into environmental causes for public relations purposes. In reality he does care about the environment and over decades has donated his own personal money to fund various projects.

Edward is Director Emeritus of the World Wildlife Fund; he served on its board from 1988 to 2007. He serves on the Executive Committees of the New York Botanical Garden and the Botanical Research Institute of Texas and is an Honorary Trustee of the National Environmental Education and Training Foundation.

Perhaps one of his most ambitious projects in relations to the environment was cofounding Biosphere 2 close to Tucson, Arizona.  He made an initial commitment of $30 million to fund it. The aim of the 3 acre living space was to be an experiment in “recreating the earth” and as a possible way to settle Mars. The attempt to make a self-contained settlement ended in 1994 when the water and crops failed. It eventually became a major research center of the University of Arizona.

Edward has also been a leader in the redevelopment of downtown Fort Worth in what has been recognized as one of the most successful urban revitalization efforts in America.  This businessman who is also an avid rancher is truly an environmentalist at heart.

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