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Siegfried Meister: Combining Engineering And Entrepreneurship

January 19, 2013 Enterprise No Comments

Siegfried Meister who is now in his mid-70s is a qualified electrical engineer who combined his engineering knowhow with his entrepreneurial zeal to build a German company that manufactures industrial food steamers and ovens.  He founded Rational GmbH in 1973. After three years the company began manufacturing combi steamers for commercial kitchens.

In 2000 the company went public and is now called Rational AG. The other products the company sells includes the SelfCooking Center which was introduced in 2004 and the VarioCooking Center, introduced in 2005 and sold through the FRIMA brand.

Meister systematically grew his company into what is now a worldwide operating enterprise.  He achieved this by establishing subsidiaries around the world.  Meister established a subsidiary in the U.K. in 1991, and then in 1992 he put up subsidiaries in France and Japan.  A subsidiary was put up in the U.S. in 1993. More subsidiaries in other countries followed. One of the latest subsidiaries was established in Mexico in 2012.

Meister headed the company as its Managing Director. When it became a public company he then served in the capacity as Chairman and Member of Supervisory Board of Rational AG.

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