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Lloyd Schwed: A Clear Path, A Long Success

February 13, 2013 Law No Comments

For some high-performing professionals, the path to success is long and varied. They perform a number of jobs before they realize their deep potential in a certain field, or they perform one role in an industry for a while before one day stumbling upon an idea that might revolutionize everything. Others, like lawyer Lloyd Schwed, didn’t face these twists and turns. For them, it was clear from almost the beginning.

Presently the head of his own law firm and ranked by The American Lawyer magazine as one of the top attorneys in the country, Lloyd Schwed laid the foundation for an expansive career with a devotion to learning. He completed his undergraduate studies at Loyola University, where he demonstrated a capacity for leadership as the editor of the newspaper. He subsequently matriculated to Washington University, where he earned his law degree. In the years after his 1985 graduation, he served Fowler White in Miami and exhibited his skills in business litigation. His reputation grew throughout the state of Florida, and he soon secured a position as a trusted authority in all things insurance, liability, and securities arbitration. In the years since then, Schwed contributed to the greater legal community in a number of capacities. He taught at University of Miami School of Law, broke arbitration-raid records with a $2.5 million award in an insurance suit, and offered his support to pro-bono legal counsel ventures. Additionally, he composed pieces for a number of respected journals, one being the co-authored “A Case Study for the Drafting of Comprehensible Jury Instructions” in the Journal of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He currently supervises Schwed Kale Jenks, a firm with four offices and a strong presence throughout Florida.

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