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About Entrepreneur Informer

Entrepreneur Informer celebrates the innovation, dedication, and success of a wide range of noteworthy entrepreneurs. Focusing not only on those who have had great ideas, but those who have successfully transformed their visions into original products, valuable services, and prominent companies, Entrepreneur Informer examines the trials and accomplishments of visionaries who have launched recognizable brands including Yahoo!, Home Depot, U-Haul, Best Buy, and H&M.

Beyond highlighting individuals who have developed products to fulfill an existing need, this website delves into the stories of those who have both revolutionized existing markets and spearheaded new ones. As entrepreneurs serve as a driving force behind technological development, many of Entrepreneur Informer’s featured professionals have spurred innovation in the tech sector. This website also offers an overview of leading professionals in fields such as entertainment, real estate, construction, and financial services. Additionally, Entrepreneur Informer provides information on some of the world’s leading investors, many of whom have achieved prominence across various industries.

Entrepreneur Informer operates with an international scope, examining accomplished professionals from varied locations such as Venezuela, Mexico, Korea, China, Taiwan, Russia, and Ukraine. As such, the website details their rise to prominence both within their geographic markets and on a global scale. Entrepreneur Informer offers detailed, fact-based histories of these entrepreneurial ventures, from inception to international acclaim. In providing these histories, Entrepreneur Informer examines business leaders’ educational and professional backgrounds, charting the development of the skills and values that would later contribute to entrepreneurial success.

In addition to providing information about the world’s most innovative business leaders, Entrepreneur Informer explores many of the methods behind effective entrepreneurship. Its featured entrepreneurs have utilized carefully deliberated strategy in investment, product development, and geographic expansion to achieve international prominence. In compiling the stories of these innovators, Entrepreneur Informer seeks to present their accomplishments to a wider audience, providing an introduction to the achievements and impact of these impressive individuals.


  • Chen Bang: Eye Focus

    They say focus is one key to success. For Chen Bang of China he has focused on the eye on the way to building a company called Aier Eye Hospital Group Co., Ltd and sits as Chairman. It wasn’t a fairytale story, he endured hardships and setbacks but persevered and has come out a winner.

    Having tucked under his belt many ups and downs in life didn’t discourage Chen; with just tens of thousands of Yuan in his possession he cooperated with a major hospital and set up an ophthalmic clinic specializing in

  • Nikolai Buinov: Oil Fortune

    Nikolai Buinov who is in his late 40s resides in Irkutsk, Russia in the Serbian region. In 1995, a motor oil salesman visited Siberia loaded with trinkets. These didn’t interest Nikolai, what he bought from the salesman instead was a book on the history of Royal Dutch Shell. Nikolai is a graduate of the Leningrad Institute of Rail Engineers and at that time was into the fuel and lubricants trading business. After reading the book he was inspired to establish his own oil company.

    So in 1997, he

  • Mikhail Balakin: Russian Construction Magnate

    Mikhail Balakin was born on April 20, 1961, in Serpukhov, Moscow region, in what used to be the USSR. He came from a family of builders. Mikhail himself continued the tradition by graduating from the Kuibyshev Moscow State University of Civil Engineering with a degree in civil engineering with concentration in heat, gas supply and ventilation.

    He began working for Glavmosstroi, the huge Soviet construction firm which like everything else then was owned by the state. Mikhail began as master then worked his way up to chief engineer in the course of the following