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About Entrepreneur Informer

Entrepreneur Informer celebrates the innovation, dedication, and success of a wide range of noteworthy entrepreneurs. Focusing not only on those who have had great ideas, but those who have successfully transformed their visions into original products, valuable services, and prominent companies, Entrepreneur Informer examines the trials and accomplishments of visionaries who have launched recognizable brands including Yahoo!, Home Depot, U-Haul, Best Buy, and H&M.

Beyond highlighting individuals who have developed products to fulfill an existing need, this website delves into the stories of those who have both revolutionized existing markets and spearheaded new ones. As entrepreneurs serve as a driving force behind technological development, many of Entrepreneur Informer’s featured professionals have spurred innovation in the tech sector. This website also offers an overview of leading professionals in fields such as entertainment, real estate, construction, and financial services. Additionally, Entrepreneur Informer provides information on some of the world’s leading investors, many of whom have achieved prominence across various industries.

Entrepreneur Informer operates with an international scope, examining accomplished professionals from varied locations such as Venezuela, Mexico, Korea, China, Taiwan, Russia, and Ukraine. As such, the website details their rise to prominence both within their geographic markets and on a global scale. Entrepreneur Informer offers detailed, fact-based histories of these entrepreneurial ventures, from inception to international acclaim. In providing these histories, Entrepreneur Informer examines business leaders’ educational and professional backgrounds, charting the development of the skills and values that would later contribute to entrepreneurial success.

In addition to providing information about the world’s most innovative business leaders, Entrepreneur Informer explores many of the methods behind effective entrepreneurship. Its featured entrepreneurs have utilized carefully deliberated strategy in investment, product development, and geographic expansion to achieve international prominence. In compiling the stories of these innovators, Entrepreneur Informer seeks to present their accomplishments to a wider audience, providing an introduction to the achievements and impact of these impressive individuals.


  • Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor: Peruvian Financial Titan

    Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor was born on April 11, 1959, in Lima, Peru. His father, Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor Mendoza was a businessman and politician. Carlos studied at the Immaculate Heart College until 1968, he was 9 years old at that time when the coup forced his father, who was Central Bank Reserve executive director, into exile the following year.

    The family first moved to Ecuador and later settled in California. Carlos earned his college degree at the University of California, Berkeley. He also earned an MBA degree from another university.

    He moved to New York in 1989 and

  • Julio Ponce: Chilean Billionaire

    Julio Ponce who is in his late 60s is the chairman of Sociedad de Quimica y Minera de Chile (“Chemical and Mining Co. of Chile”). The firm is known in Chile as SQM. As mentioned in a Forbes report SQM is one of the world’s largest producers of potassium nitrate, iodine and lithium. These chemicals are used in a variety of fertilizers and LCD screens.

    Julio owns around 25 percent of the publicly traded company and constitutes a big chunk of his over a billion dollar net worth. In another Forbes article it was

  • Aristotelis Mistakidis: Copper Prince

    Aristotelis Mistakidis was born on April 24, 1962, in Rome, Italy. Of Greek nationality he holds Greek/British citizenship. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics.

    Aristotelis joined Cargill working in the company for six years trading non-ferrous metals. He then joined Marc Rich & Co. in 1993 just before there was a management buyout and it was renamed Glencore. Aristotelis worked in what would become the zinc, copper and lead department. He rose through the ranks and eventually became co-director in 2000.

    Aristotelis owns 3 percent